Wed 14th February 2018

Dr. Collen Fitz-Charles
Department: Surgery/Plastics

Topic: Medical Photography
1. To define medical photograph and the history behind it.
2. To learn the applications of medical photography.
3. To review the key points in how to use the camera.
4. To learn the techniques to producing a good photograph.
5. To learn the correct positions to bring out what needs to be seen.
6. To review the patient consent and all the surrounding issues.
7. To bring attention to the use of cell phones in medicine and the ethical issues that may arise.

Friday 23rd February

Dr. Frederick Smith

Department: Internal Medicine/Nephrology

Topic: Evaluation of the renal patient, testing modalities and evaluation of results in renal function

1. To identify the correct testing modalities in the evaluation of renal dysfunction
2. Interpretation of renal function studies
3. Appropriate use of ancillary investigations in the diagnosis of renal dysfunction