Dr. Phillip Swann
Department of Public Health

CME Wednesday 14th November 2018
School of Nursing

Topic: Essential Public Health Functions- an introduction

1. Provide a background on the development of public health, globally, from 5000 BC to present
2. Discuss the development of modern day public health practice
3. Expound on the three core functions of public health
4. Discuss the eleven essential public health functions
5. Discuss the Health Services Act 1914, and how it assures public health in The Bahamas
6. Current activities and programmes managed by the Ministry of Health that executes the core functions of public health in The Bahamas


CME Friday 30th November 2018

8 am School of Nursing

Dr. Anthony Frankson

Department: Research, University of the West Indies

Topic: Biostatistics in Medical Care and Research


1. Know common study designs that guide the operationalization of a study

2. Know basics of measurement with quantitative as well as qualitative variables

3. Know types of probability and common probability distributions as applied to statistics

4. Know both commonly used descriptive and inferential statistical techniques