Topic outline

  • General

  • Objectives

  • Video Day I

    • Friday 9th April 2021: 8:00am – 9:30am

    • Video Day II

      • Session II

        Chair Dr. Francis Williams 

        Welcome Remarks 

        Physician Human Resource Needs & Projections in the Bahamas: • Dr. Cherita Moxey (15m) 

        Statement of Purpose: -The SCMR Bahamas Experience, Challenges & Outcomes • Dr. Robin Roberts (15m)

        • Session III

          Chair: Dr. SinQuee

          #1: Canada: Requirements, Challenges & Realities: (30m)

          Dr. Upton Allen: SickKids – University of Toronto (15m) Dr. Don Major: post DM - The Fellowship experience (10m)

          #2: United Kingdom: – in the Post Brexit Era (30m)

          Dr. Jean McDonald Consultant North Middlesex University Hospital (15m)

          Personal Experience:  Dr. Colette Thompson-Reil (15m)

          #3: The USA: Requirements, Challenges & Realities: (60m)

          Dr. Mallory Williams: Howard University: PG Training Minorities & IMGs (30m)

          Personal Experience:

          USA Dr. Madiah Hepburn (10m)

          USA Dr. Amahl Higgins (10m)

          Personal Experience: From Highschool to Medicine in America

          USA Dr. Maikhail Higgins (10m)

          Coffee break 10:30am -10.45am

          • Session IV Feedback

            Chair: Dr. Sabriquet Butler-Pinder

            #4: The Caribbean UWI: The Regional Experience: (30m)

            Dr. Dilip Dan: UWI Trinidad (15m)

            Dr. Denise Eldemire-Shearer: UWI Mona (15m)

            • Session V

              Chair: Dr. Srikanth

              #5: Going South: The International Adventure (40m)

              PG Training in South Africa:

              o Dr. Olu Tinubu (10m)

              PG Training in Australia:

              o Dr. Ricardo Hamilton (10m) Fellowships in India:

              o Dr. Terrel Humes (10m)

              Fellowship in Brazil

              o Dr. Alfred Dawes (10m)