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CME Update - Final Quarter 2016

CME Update - Final Quarter 2016

by Darbrielle Burrows -
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We have seen encouraging numbers of attendees at our recent CME activities.  Looking forward to continued participation and engagement.

CME opportunities continue to be made available through departmental and post graduate initiatives.  Updates will be given as accreditation is received, respectively.

Please see attachments of on going CME activities.

Locations for Regularly Scheduled CME Activities:

  1. Department of Emergency Medicine
    • ER Pediatrics Rm.
  2 . Family Medicine

    • PHA Conference Rm.

  3.  Dept. of Internal Medicine DM

    • Resident Rm, UWI SCMR Building
  4. Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

    • School of Nursing, Grosvenor Close

 5.  Department of Radiology

    • Reporting Rm. - Radiology Dept.

 6.  Dept. of Surgery DM

    • Pfizer Rm. - McMahon Bldg, UWI SCMR