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Day 3 of The HEALinc Summit

Day 3 of The HEALinc Summit

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Good Day

It is my pleasure to provide the program and advertisement pdfs for the Stem Cell Grand Round to take place on the morning of Day 3 of the HEALinc Future Health Summit, April 19th , Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island. 

Thank you for your support in rounding up the medical community to attend this event. It is free but persons wishing to attend must register so we have a sense of the numbers. 

There is a special box on the main home page of the Summit ( where persons can register for this grand round. The Stem Cell Grand Round takes place 8 - 10:30 am and is free for all healthcare professionals and medical students as well as nurses and nursing students. 

For those who wish to have FULL access to the Summit as a whole the registration fee is $100 and they can register on the main website. All of this is very clearly outlined on the website. 

Please circulate the pdf of the grand round as well as the program agenda for those persons who what to know specifically what the talks will be about.

FINALLY, the Summit Exhibition Hall, Grand Opening Ceremony and Public Lecture on Day 1 of the Summit (April 17th, 5:30-7:30) will also be of interest to many and is free. I have attached the pdf for this as well so that the Bahamian medical community can also attend. 

Many thanks

Dr. Desiree Cox, MD, MPhil, PhD
Chair, Joint NSCEC and NMEC 
CEO/Founder, The HEALinc and HEALinc Summit