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Annual Research Conference 2023 Update

Annual Research Conference 2023 Update

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Annual Research Conference Update 

 We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of Day One of our Annual Research Conference. The opening session,  featured insightful presentations on health care outcomes, including community-based screening impacts and the evolving Dengue Fever epidemic.

 To join our virtual conference, register at Complete the feedback via our online portal and earn CME points accredited by the Bahamas Medical Council.

 Day Two Highlights

Engage in the Research Workshop at 09:30 AM, covering hospital medicine litigation reduction, research ethics, legal pitfalls in stem cell research, and safe medical practices.

Explore Reproductive Health topics at 11:30 AM, including HPV testing, attitudes towards HPV vaccination, and factors affecting reproductive ambition.

Don't miss the enriching sessions on Advances in Surgery at 01:00 PM, delving into choroidal surface mapping, resource utilization in vascular interventions, and more.


Day Three Highlights

Discover Medicine and Pediatrics insights at 11:00 AM.

Explore Cancer research and Mental Health developments at 1:00 PM.


Your active participation is invaluable. Let's continue advancing knowledge together!