The Importance of Continuing Medical Education

Dr. Darbrielle Hunt-Burrows
Deputy Chief of Staff, Princess Margaret Hospital 

We are engaging in the practice of medicine in times of great technological advances which have seen expanding scientific knowledge, increased access to information, improved education techniques and an evolution of systems that ensure continued medical education which is relevant to physician practices and quality improvement of health care systems.  Twenty-first century CME systems worldwide accept the mandate to be accountable in facilitating and demonstrating physician practice improvement.

The Princess Margaret Hospital being the largest tertiary care institution in the Bahamas and the largest medical institution engaging physicians in the public medical service has been a leader in recognizing the need for ongoing learning and maintenance of good medical practice, and providing educational opportunities for practicing physicians in the Bahamas within the public and private health sectors. Since 1991 the Continuing Medical Education Department of the PMH has undertaken initiatives to provide CME activities presented via our local physician resource and also to foster relationships with physicians and institutions outside of the Bahamas, in the form of Visiting Lecturer Series, rounds, presentations, and symposia.  As CME too is evolving we also embrace our responsibility in affecting physician practice improvement and envision the national effect of improving health care standards.

The Medical Act, 2014, of the Bahamas requires demonstration of completion of prescribed hours of continuing medical education as a perquisite for license renewal.  As of December 2016 this will be enforced by the Bahamas Medical Council.  The CME Department, Princess Margaret Hospital, as a CME provider seeks to facilitate the provision of and access to CME opportunities as physicians endeavor to comply with mandatory licensure requirements.

The importance of physician education and its impact on health care and national health cannot be overstated.  The vision of the CME Department is that all technological means will be embraced to support physicians in their journey of lifelong learning.   Maintaining, developing and increasing knowledge and skills such that highest standards of professional performance are achieved individually, institutionally and nationally is a realizable goal.

“The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.”
Brian Herbert

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