Submitting CME Points to The Bahamas Medical Council

The Bahamas Medical Council has partnered with CE Broker as their official CME tracking system.

 The Council is committed to working with professionals like yourself who are devoted to providing the highest level of quality care and professional conduct. By maintaining updated CME records, you show the Council and the public that you are committed to providing excellent care.

 CE Broker has been the official continuing education tracking system for the Florida Department of Health for over 13 years. Since this partnership, CE Broker has helped over a million healthcare professionals simplify the regulation process.

 The advantage of The Bahamas Medical Council working with CE Broker is you now have a free and simple way to track your CME compliance. This eliminates the burden of manually having to maintain records throughout your license cycle.

 Create your free CE Broker account, provided by The Bahamas Medical Council, to track, manage and report your CME.

 Click Here to Create Your Free Account

Common Questions: 

 1. Do I have to pay for CE Broker?

Your board provides you with a free Basic Account. Paying for a more personalized account is optional. 

 2. Why is the Bahamas Medical Council working with CE Broker?

 The Bahamas Medical Council decided to partner with CE Broker to help licensees track their CME progress to simplify the license renewal process.

 3. What happens if I'm not complete in CE Broker?  

When the Bahamas Medical Council conducts their CME audit, they will be verifying that all hours are complete in CE Broker. If your records show "Complete" in CE Broker, your account will have all the records needed to prove that you have completed the council's requirements.

Why Should I Create a Basic Account? 

1. You will receive monthly compliance status emails from CE Broker to help you track your CME progress.

2. Confirm course completions in your Course History, where you will have a chronological record of courses that have been reported to CE Broker.

3. Once your CE Broker account shows "Complete," you will pass an audit from your board.

Last modified: Sunday, 16 June 2019, 8:45 AM