Directors Message

Message from the Director
Dr. Robin Roberts

Some 35 years ago, the Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome emerged globally as a lethal disease, a certain death to all infected with the virus. Medical research changed its fate; within 10 years it became a chronic disease. The chronology of AIDS is a shining example of the nature of healthcare research – applied scientific inquiry to better the health of individuals and our community. A commitment to research defines the value of a teaching institution. Hence the mandate at our University of The West Indies School of Clinical Medicine and Research, The Bahamas (SCMR): “To become the leading centre of research, in all aspects of health in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.”

On this our 14th Research Day (RD), we are excited to showcase this continuing commitment under the theme: “Research Thrives in the Midst of COVID 19”. Both our postgraduate and undergraduate students remain true to the cause as we highlight 20-plus presentations of original research in our healthcare institutions, guided by our academic staff of consultant physicians.

The topics span the spectrum of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to that of the effects of climate change. We recognize also that amidst these frontline health care issues, we remain challenged by our leading causes of morbidity and mortality, namely our epidemic of NCDs. We would be remiss not to acknowledge the need to find the means to provide affordable healthcare services to do so, and our initial success of NHI to form the foundation of our healthcare system. SCMR continues to foster, promote and strengthen health research among all national and regional institutions.

SCMR has remained true to the pandemic public health policies to social distancing and to refrain from social gatherings. Our RD has evolved: from one to two days, and now this year to almost a week of presentations. We have maximized the use of social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, zooming and streaming live all the way.

We thank our perennial sponsor since our first RD in 2007, the Royal Bank of Canada. Internet technologies and services are costly; RBC’s financial support makes our RD events possible. Our physician community at large especially those dispersed throughout the archipelago, have not only the advantage of live participation, but also to review at their later convenience, and apply for their CME credits. Our research endeavors have both academic and professional value.

Kudos to our hard working Research Committee lead by our talented dedicated Chairman Dr. Darr0n Halliday and our Research Unit led (almost single-handedly) by Dr. Morton Frankson!

Our health research continues to thrive during the pandemic.

Dr Robin Roberts Director

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